Why Choose Us

There are so many variables when selling a bike. How much do I sell it for? Where do I advertise it? How do I show it to potential buyers safely? How do I ensure I’m protected throughout the process?

If you have concerns when it comes to selling your motorcycle, the easiest thing you can do is talk to us FIRST. We are a national company here to give you a genuine offer to buy your bike – and pay you on the same day! You don’t need a roadworthy certificate and we can even pay out existing finance contracts. You can feel safe and secure bringing your bike to us, with trained professionals who will assess your bike correctly.  Simply fill out our online form or contact one of our buying team direct. No hassle, no costs and no theft. What have you go to lose?

If you are keen to give selling privately a crack, there are hundreds of different options when it comes to advertising thanks to the internet and social media. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is when selling a motorcycle privately, you will never be 100% protected. Here are some tips when selling a motorcycle:

– When you advertise online, don’t take pictures of your bike in an identifiable location on your property,
– When you include your location, be broad! If you live in Chermside, list as located in Northern Brisbane,
– When showing your bike to potential buyers, meet in a common ground location, not at the location you store the motorcycle,
– Turn off your location in your Facebook settings,
– Ensure your motorcycle is ALWAYS locked up in a safe and secure location,
– Consider an alarmed lock like the Kovic Alarmed Disk Lock. You can pick one of these up from your local TeamMoto store.

We Buy Motorbikes will buy any bike, any condition! So what are you waiting for just fill out our online form now.

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